Muay Thai 

Muay Thai is historically known as “the Art of 8 Limbs”. In Muay Thai, practitioners go beyond the kicking and punching that is common in most martial arts by adding kneeing and elbowing their opponents. Muay Thai is also unique because it teaches you to fight both in the clinch, (close range) or at a standard fighting distance. In the clinch, you are able knee and elbow your opponent, but the added element of throwing your opponent off balance is utilized as well.

Muay Thai possesses a large number and array of beautiful skills and techniques. In our Muay Thai class we will put together our fundamental techniques to properly participate in the art of Muay Thai. We recommend this class to our more advanced practitioners. If you have never trained before, we recommend you ask our instructors before jumping in. However once you get the go ahead, our members train right alongside our professional fighters.